Photo by YongGuang Tian on Unsplash

Why you Should get into streaming


The number of classic youtubers who flirt with the idea of going live is huge. Even Pewdiepie himself formed an alliance with DLive, an alternative to Twitch. The big, established streamers just settle for uploading a compilation video once in a while. Many people will not give up watching games in the usual way, but the streaming of games grows and grows stronger every day.

1: There are no distances

Offering your content on the internet has never been so easy. Your gaming sessions will be available to anyone who wants to see them anytime, anywhere in the world. There will be no geographic limits

2: Immediate feedback

Having a live chat will help you see the reaction of your viewers instantly. What they like, what they didn’t, what games they want to see you play. you will not have to wait for a good amount of comments to gather to know the general opinion of your audience.

3: Greater scope

By broadcasting live, you can reach a greater number of people interested in the content, regardless of geographic boundaries. when broadcasting live, you are able to get viewers who love to interact with you and, by uploading VODs or highlights onto youtube, those who prefer on-demand viewing

4: Transmits closeness and proximity

One of the reasons why livestreams have delighted users so much is the raw and unfiltered way the streamer is displayed. Many do not want to see a character with many editing tricks, just an ordinary person playing and enjoying the experience.

5: Low cost streams

It is no longer essential to make large investments in hardware and software that only large streamers could afford. You can start making quality streams with affordable gear, and you can upgrade them over time.

6: Monetize content

Earning money by monetizing your content is getting easier and there are more options than ever. Whether with sponsors, advertising or subscriptions.

7: Interact directly with your viewers

The relationship between streamer and viewer is more intimate. Users feel a more personal relationship by being connected at the same time as their content creator watching the same game. You can also form a closer encounter with them.

8: Create more content and faster

A conventional Youtuber must pre-record their gaming sessions, edit them (it’s common to hire editors for that), and then upload the videos. You as a streamer just have to turn on the camera and start transmitting, you can do it daily without having to worry about a post-production.

as an added bonus, interacting with your chat and including them can make for some great highlights, increasing the quality of your content and making those who watch your highlights wish to participate in your livestreams.

9: Build a community in no time

It is much easier to form a group of people who enjoy your content in this way, than waiting for a YouTube algorithm to recommend your videos and gain subscribers.

10: It is just fun

Although you’ll surely be looking for revenue in your content, many streamers have expressed that sitting down to stream is a relaxing activity for them. In addition to monetizing, you can enjoy the moment and relax.