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How to Earn Money with Livestreaming


Streaming services like Twitch offer several methods to monetize your content, and there are alternatives outside of platforms, but it is important to clarify that all this is effective when you already have a community that follows you. So that would be step 0, offering quality content to Build your streaming audience. After that, you can put your mind on how to profit.

Earn money through paid subscribers

At the moment, that’s the biggest source of stable income for the most successful channels on Twitch. The channels receive 50% of the amount paid by the subscriber to the channel.

Why do users pay the subscription if they can access the content for free? They do it mainly for three reasons:

  • Remove advertising on the channel.
  • Have access to additional features (such as personalized channel stickers).
  • To be able to chat more easily with the streamer, since he can restrict the conversation only to subscribers.
  • To Support their favorite streamer

How to monetize through donations

Another way for channels to make money from streaming is to get donations from fans and viewers. In this case, all the money is kept by the channel. And it depends on each one if they want to encourage that way of generating income or not. Some channels include on their screens a ranking of the biggest donors of the day, week or month, with a donation button.

It is usually the best option for streamers with a growing community.

Earn money with sponsorships and affiliates

Sponsorships consist of being paid to try a new game, to attend a conference or to record a promotional video. Some brands choose growing creators to promote their products.

Affiliate systems consist of earning a commission on sales of recommended products. We have seen streamers recommending their favorite headphones and providing a link to buy them. They can take up to 10% of sales.

Make profit with your merchandise

You can use merchandising to finance and promote yourself. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, key chains. The list of possibilities is huge.

To do this you can choose two different ways. Find a manufacturer that can make you personalized products (in many cases any digital printing press in your area) or opt for online platforms that allow you to create your own designs and print them on demand, that is, when someone clicks on the buy button.

The second option is very good to start. You will only have to provide the design you want to be printed on the merchandise and promote the store that you have created within the platform.

Make money by advertising

Viewers using the free version of Twitch see ads on streams. Part of the revenue from those ads goes to the channel. to profit from ads there is usually a partner or affiliate platform you have to reach. for twitch this would be the afilliate status.

A channel with higher viewer traffic can play ads whenever it wants, but it runs the risk that viewers will tire of watching them.