what games to stream


Unless you want to focus on a single game, one where you are (or seek to be) very very good, it is important that you know which games will help you get started.

The answer may seem obvious, just play the most popular games of the moment and that’s it, right? Well, it’s not that simple. If you start with games that thousands of channels are streaming, you will become one more in a sea of streams. Although on the other hand, if you play very underground games that nobody knows, you may not be able to attract many people.

This is a list of the best streaming games based on their popularity and how some great streamers got started.

League of Legends

The king of MOBAs and the most streamed game on Twitch. It can be a good start if you want to take your channel to that genre. There will always be spectators wanting to watch a LoL game and perhaps find the next super star pro gramer.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Now we talk about the king of tactical shooters. In this case it is the same as with LoL, there is a large audience willing to see good CS: GO games, especially if there are players with skills.

You can also play it in a more casual tone. Get your friends together and create a relaxed game full of funny and epic moments.


Fortnite’s success on streaming platforms is undeniable. Although many believe its popularity is declining, it has seen an increase in views in its latest updates. You can take advantage of the hype of each new season and if you have skills you can attract more than one curious viewer.

Apex Legends

It seems hard to believe that Apex Legends came out just last year. His success got his hits skyrocketing on launch, and his dynamic gameplay and long games kept his numbers high.

You can take advantage of the game’s still young age for your first streams.


If you think you have what it takes to be a competitive player, many viewers will want to see what you can do. Hearthstone is not a game for children or casual players, so fans of the title know how to appreciate a skilled streamer.

Stay up to date with new releases

You should not be tied to the same games as always. You should be aware of new games as there will always be high demand in its first few weeks.

Indie games are also a good option, so don’t just look at big studio titles.

Play any game you feel comfortable with
Remember that at the end of the day what the viewer wants is to watch someone enjoying while playing. Don’t feel compelled to play what everyone else is playing. If you are comfortable and enjoying the moment, the viewers will come.