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where to livestream

The Gaming and eSports industry has been rapidly growing for both professional and amateur players. Streaming platforms are used by content creators to share their live gameplay, get feedback, build a community, and earn revenue.This is a list of the best 4 sites to stream video games so you can see the differences between each one, and promptly start streaming your gameplay. Twitch The streaming […]


What to play in 2021

2020 promises to be a year of great changes and, with the new generation just around the corner with Xbox Series X and PS5, it seems only normal that we have to hang on to a few releases that the industry has been delaying for months. But beware, that does not mean that a good handful of titles are not on the way for PC, […]


Why you Should get into streaming

Every day there are more gamers who decide to offer their content in stream format instead of the classic pre-recorded and edited videos. If you are still thinking about streaming your game plays, here are some reasons why to start now.


Essential Streaming Gear

Are you considering starting in the world of game streaming or are you in the first steps? If so, apart from a good pc that can run the games without difficulty and the necessary software to stream, you should know that it is recommended that you get a series of gears to improve the quality of your streams.