where to livestream


The Gaming and eSports industry has been rapidly growing for both professional and amateur players. Streaming platforms are used by content creators to share their live gameplay, get feedback, build a community, and earn revenue.
This is a list of the best 4 sites to stream video games so you can see the differences between each one, and promptly start streaming your gameplay.


The streaming classic. Twitch stands out for dedicating itself exclusively to video games. The best of this page? Without a doubt, it allows you to broadcast live games in a very simple way. You register and you are ready to do it directly from almost all the latest generation platforms. It has all the functions you need: record the sound of your game and your microphone, your friends comment in the chat, you can receive donations, it allows you to subscribe to channels.

The strong point of Twitch is its community. For years being the leading platform in video game streaming, it includes the majority of developers and professional gamers, who make a living from video games. It is also the reference in eSports tournaments. Of course: there are also cons. Despite the efforts of the creators, it is still crowded with trolls, who can ruin a session and even your donations.

YouTube Gaming

Launched in 2015 and many gamers did not believe it would work. Beyond those first impressions, the truth is that in just one year it has taken over a large part of the market. But why YouTube and not Twitch? Perhaps the answer is simply for comfort. If you already have a YouTube account, you save the registration and integrate everything on one platform without having to go to different pages. In the case of already having a channel, even if it is not for video games, you avoid starting from scratch and adding your old subscribers. Monetization is activated easily and with fewer requirements.


Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, Mixer has gained a lot of reputation and community. One of its pros is that it is integrated to Xbox One and Windows 10. Opening new opportunities for discovery.

The platform lets you co-stream with up to 4 other gamers, something unique. While the community is relatively small (69k streamers vs. 1.5 million on Twitch), it has acquired a certain status and attracted professional gamers; In 2019 the gamer community revolutionized when Ninja, the most popular streamer in the world decided to leave Twitch for Mixer.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook has entered the game. Like YouTube, having an environment known to almost everyone, it makes things easy like having a fan page linked with your platform.

It stands out not only for audience but also for improvements in content quality by making deals with global eSports company ESL and the signing of Disguised Toast, the most popular card & strategy streamer in November 2019.

Facebook recently launched the Level Up program that provides streamers with powerful tools to help them build audiences and monetize. The program provides its members with personalized help from Facebook support, as well as the option to stream in 1080p and 60 FPS; It also provides access to the Facebook Stars virtual currency and other features designed to build community around your channel.